5W LED Bulb Light

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Lamp Bulbs – 5W LED Bulb Lights LED Brand CREE Base Type: E27 Input Voltage: 110V/220V AC Output Power: 5W Outer Dimension: 60mm*104mm 380 lumen

Diameter: Dia. 60mm (2.36 in.)
Depth: 114mm (4.49 in.)
LED Base: E 27
Available Colors: Pure White (5500-7000K) and warm white (2700-3500K)
1W CREE: 70-110LM/LED
Power Consumption: 5W (5*1W)
Input Voltage: AC 90-130V/AC 200-240V
UV or IR radiation: None
Lifespan: 50,000+ hours

This product is made up of Five1watt high power LED

EPISTAR: Made in TAIWAN and encapsulated in CHINA. Brightness degradation: 7 %-10% after 1000 hours

EDISON: Made in TAIWAN, original imported. Brightness degradation: 5 %-8% after 1000 hours

CREE: Made in U.S.A, original imported. Brightness degradation: 3 %-5% after 1000 hours

JX LED Driver: Medium quality LED Diver. Fault rate: 0.3%-0.7%

LF LED Driver: High quality LED Diver. Fault rate: 0.1%-0.3%

Datasheet of each version LEDs:


The LED Light Bulb is a bright, efficient LED bulb that is a direct replacement for both incandescent bulbs and CFLs. This bulb is available in 5W, and offers the same brightness as a 40-60 Watt Incandescent Bulbs, but use less the electricity. This household LED Light Bulb has an E27 base (the most common screw-base bulb, also known as E26), which means it will fit into almost any lamp, ceiling fixture, or spot light in your home or business where you would use a standard screw mount bulb. This LED bulb uses 5 high-power LED, with 3 LED brands for choosing: Epistar, Edison and Cree. You can finally buy a bulb that under your budget. This Bulb is available in pure white (5500K-7000K) and warm white (2700K-3500K) color temperatures; while you can contact the sales if any special color requires! The bulbs are CE approved LED lights that also hold RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) certification, insuring that this bulb is not only energy-efficient but safe, as no environmentally harmful components were used in the process of manufacturing.

E27 Series, LED Lights Bulbs

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